Lozano has vivid memories of Poland’s silver in 2006


Raul Lozano has coached the men's national teams of Spain, Poland and Germany

Wroclaw, Poland, September 9, 2014 – Raul Lozano is one of the most respected coaches around after a long career having under his guidance Argentinean, Italian and Greek clubs as well as the men’s national teams of Spain, Poland and Germany.

However, it was steering the Polish men’s squad in the period of 2005-2008 when the Argentinean Lozano reached the highest point of his illustrious resume as volleyball coach.

Lozano was spotted at Centennial Hall watching the match the match of his countrymen of Argentina and Australia and he was willing to share his feelings about the FIVB Men’s World Championship and some memories of his time in Poland.

“Today, of course, I am rooting for Argentina, but in my heart I am with Poland to win the event,” Lozano said with Argentinean great Hugo Conte sitting next to him. “I’ve worked in many countries, with a lot of clubs and players, but the Poles gave me the warmest feelings.”

He also mentioned his connections with Germany, a national team he coached in 2009-2011, “but I feel more linked to Poland.”

With Lozano as the coach, Poland claimed a silver medal at the 2006 FIVB World Championship their biggest honour since the gold medal achieved in Mexico 1974.

After that impacting success, the Polish fans started calling him “The Little Knight” for his low height, a nickname that suited perfectly with the unofficial Polish volleyball anthem: A Song About the Little Knight.

“The tournament in Japan was fantastic and the greatest moment of my entire career,” Lozano recalled. “I gave myself to that team and the players gave me back their hearts.”

It was an unforgettable time for the experienced coach born in La Plata, Argentina in 1956.

 “It was an important moment in my sport life and I will remember it forever,” he said.

Lozano, who is one of the special guests for the world championship, and attended the opening day festivities at the National Stadium in Warsaw, also said a few words about the organisation of the tournament.

“Poland is well prepared for this kind of event,” he said. “The opening ceremony at the National Stadium was perfect in every aspect – the organisation, show, court, television broadcast and everything, it was a complete success.”

Written by Elzbieta Poznar, Young Writer Programme


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