Zagumny: We can't lose the concentration against any opponent


 It is impossible to win each game. It is the lesser
dangerous that it happened against Cameroon, right?

this game was not of a big importance and such tournaments often witness weaker
games. Throughout two sets we could not find a way to beat the team from Cameroon.
Later on our game became calmer, opponents started making mistakes and the next
two sets were under our control. We all expected an easy win. After all, such
games are usually played half-heartedly.

In the first set you were losing 20-14 and in the
blink of an eye you leveled the score. However, that was Cameroon who won the
end game. Why?

The whole match
was not a good performance from our part. The aggression and mobilization were
not so strong today to play in one hundred percent against Cameroon.

Was it fatigue or something else that was missing in the Polish
team in this game?

I think that we
were surprised by what Cameroon showed today. They did not make many mistakes
while we implicitly thought they would. That cold but gentle shower was needed
for everyone.

Argentina won over Australia in straight sets. Which
element of their play would draw your attention to?

We have to come
back to our good play as a group and to have aggressive service. The Argentinean team
has talented setters and we should do our best to handicap their play. We also
cannot forget about one of the best Argentinean players – Facundo Conte.


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